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sharpest handicapper in the industry.

we finished The 2023 MLB regular season 182-110-3 62% win rate across the whole season with a ROI of 37.44%. Was a good season and now are time to shine is here NCAAF and NCAAB by far are best two sports.

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making lines, and handicapping games since 2013.


At DogmoneyConsulting, we take the gambling out of betting with our algorithms and experts. However, we deeply understand and respect the responsibilities that come with sports wagering. It’s our mission to provide expert guidance, but we firmly advocate for safe, sensible, and informed betting.

📋 Bet Responsibly: Always FOLLOW Our betting system. It’s vital to set limits, stick to them, and do not bet your OWN bets. Remember, the fun should last beyond the game.

📢 Stay Informed: While our picks are chosen with expertise, no bet is a guaranteed win. It’s essential to be informed, do your homework, and never bet solely based on external advice.

💬 Seek Support: If you or someone you know struggles with gambling-related issues, it’s crucial to seek professional guidance. Betting should be an enjoyable activity, not a source of stress or financial strain.

From local hood books to the biggest sportsbook in the world.


We’ve all been there: The ALL DAY and NIGHT Bets, the ill just guess game day, the almost-wins that sting. But here’s the truth — betting isn’t about luck, it’s about strategy and knowledge.


September 2019

Best Sports Handicapper

2019 was just all around the most dominant year we had to date and we took over the social media limelight.

August 2019

mlb handicapper of the year

January 2021

Ncaa basketball capper of the year

while picking 5 futures every season before the first tip off we hit baylor in 2021 and was chosen as the #1 ncaab handicapper in the world.

January 2023

Ncaa basketball capper of the year

while picking 5 futures every season before the first tip off we hit baylor in 2021 and in 2023 we had 5 of the elite teams still alive with our 5 futures Creighton,Texas,UConn,Gonzaga, and Miami. we ended up coming out with a +8000 UConn preseason winner, after that we were named again the best ncaab handicapper in the world.

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